Travis Scott Gives Janitor $5,000 to Take the Night Off and Rage With Him at Miami Show

Cactus Jack told the venue employee to stop working: “Only way he clocking in is only if he can rage.”

Kevin Mazur / Getty Images for Live Nation

Travis Scott looks out for his fans and venue staff alike.

In a clip from his Circus Maximus Miami concert on Jan. 28, the “Sicko Mode” rapper gifted a janitor $5,000, per TMZ. The man was cleaning during the concert.

Cactus Jack stopped the show to speak on the mic to talk to the man from the stage. “Today, you’re gonna be off,” Scott said. “Somebody get my guy $5,000. I want you to just take off the day.”

Travis Scott told the Janitor to take the night off & gave him $5,000. ‼️

— DramaAlert (@DramaAlert) January 29, 2024
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“I just seen you come out the back, I don’t know who the fuck told you to go get a mop,” Scott continued. “Only way he clocking in is only if he can rage.”

The Houston native then launched into his Playboi Carti-featuring hit song “Fein,” which made the crowd lose its mind.

Scott has been showing this level of kindness to his fans while on tour. In November, he halted his performance to urge a couple who were fighting to squash their beef.

“I see you’re arguing. Today, you’re all gonna have a good motherfucking time,” he said. “What I want you to do, I want you to give her a big hug real quick,” Scott told the man. When the girl wasn’t returning the energy, Scott said, “Give him a hug like you love him!”

And back in October, Scott took issue with a security guard who was trying to throw out a fan from his show.

"Hold on. One thing you not gonna do, you not gonna kick a fan out. You not gonna do that, brother. You back up. She's just enjoying herself. You back the fuck up. Let her just have a good time," the rapper said. "That's a female. You don't grab a female like that, okay?"

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