Nicki Minaj Expresses Regret for Meek Mill Twitter Feud

Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill engaged in a heated Twitter back-and-forth, in which Minaj accused Meek of physical abuse.

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It looks like Nicki Minaj regrets her heated Twitter exchange with her ex, Meek Mill.

On Wednesday, the rapper was interviewed by her manager, Irving Azoff, at a Pollstar Live! event at The Beverly Hilton, on the same day that she beefed with Meek. During the conversation, she addressed her severe case of Twitter fingers, using the incident as advice for new artists on what not to do.

“Just try your best to let the small stuff go,” Minaj said around the 2-minute mark of the video above. “I took some time recently to just fuckin’ take time away. I was reflecting—I was looking at the things I did and my energy to it and I couldn’t believe it. I was just like, ‘What the hell.’ Keep your eye on the bigger picture is what I would say. If I had to, I would’ve redone the whole thing and just kept my mouth shut. Put my music out and shut my mouth.”

Azoff then jokingly asked if Minaj had done any tweeting today, to which she responded with a laugh, “I got hacked this morning, guys. Don’t believe anything you saw.”

She continued, “Listen, it never fails. Every time I do it, five minutes later, I'm like, why the fuck did I? Every single time. But it's a good lesson in knowing how to master your anger and emotions. So, every time I do that, I like give myself a talking to in my head, like, ‘OK, you played yourself, you shouldn't have did that. You learned your lesson again.’ How many times did I learn that lesson? So, I gave myself that talk today, sir.”

In Wednesday's exchange, Minaj accused Meek of being violent towards her in a series of tweets. "You beat your own sister and taped it," she tweeted. "Spit on her & taped it. Kicked me in front of your mother and sent her to the hospital." Meek fired back, refuting Minaj’s claims and singling out her brother, who’s in jail for child molestation. Meek also categorically denied hitting women.

Meek and Minaj have been at each other’s throats following an incident last month at a mall in West Hollywood, where Meek, Minaj, and Petty shared words before Meek was escorted out of the store. While there are conflicting reports on what actually happened, Minaj’s team says that Meek was staring at her and her husband before the argument, while Meek contends that Petty and Minaj started the altercation.

The interview is also the latest sign that Minaj and Azoff have mended their relationship, after Minaj accused Azoff and Travis Scott of launching a smear campaign in 2018, with the intent of sabotaging her North American tour. "The c*cksucker of the day is Irving Azoff,” she said at the time. “And I’m gonna tell you why. Allegedly, he tried to put out a smear campaign against my tour, and contacted people in the media to spread negative things about my tour.” The two eventually joined forces, when Azoff became Minaj's manager in 2019.

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