Insiders are saying that Meek Mill might have instigated his recent verbal showdown with Nicki Minaj and her husband. 

More context has been added to Meek Mill's verbal altercation with his ex, Nick Minaj, and her husband, Kenneth Petty. Those close to the situation tell TMZ the couple was frustrated because Meek was reportedly staring at them while they were trying to shop.

As soon as Minaj and Petty walked into Maxfield in West Hollywood, Meek supposedly started to ice grill the newlyweds. Naturally, Minaj and Petty took offense to this, sparking the argument. Yet sources insist Minaj and Petty did not "approach Meek by any means." The two parties just happened to cross paths while they were out shopping.  

This contradicts Meek's account of the incident. Initially, those close to the rapper claimed that Petty approached Meek and started to talk to him aggressively. In an effort to defuse the situation, Meek requested to speak to Petty privately. Petty was not interested in any calm resolutions, insisting that Meek was a "pussy." That prompted Meek to respond with his own verbal jabs. 

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Last week, footage surfaced of Meek Mill and the couple getting into a shouting match. In the video, Meek can be seen being held back by his security and store employees. Meek continually tells Petty that he's a "boss" while Petty calls him a "pussy." Minaj can even be heard seemingly calling her ex-boyfriend a "bitch." 

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