Meek Mill Trolls 6ix9ine’s Prison Photo: ‘That Witness Protection Drip’

Meek Mill isn't a fan of 6ix9ine.

meek 69

Image via Getty/Marcus Ingram

meek 69

It’s safe to say Meek Mill doesn’t like 6ix9ine. The Philadelphia rapper has shared his opinion about 69 countless times, particularly using him as an example of why you shouldn’t snitch.

Now, Mill has taken another opportunity to troll 6ix9ine. On Tuesday night, the Brooklyn native's girlfriend Jade shared that the rapper was denied the opportunity to go home early and serve the rest of his sentence from home. The update was accompanied by a new photo of 6ix9ine and Jade, who were both wearing gray sweatsuits.

The Shade Room reposted the photo and caption. Mill took to the comments, writing, “That witness protection drip,” referencing the fact that 6ix9ine might have to enter witness protection against his will.

Mill has issued multiple warnings to young rappers and fans about 6ix9ine, saying during a Power 106 interview in 2018, “Watch who you surround yourself around.” Last February, Mill commented on the jailed rapper again, after news surfaced that he was indeed snitching to the feds, saying that 69 was “starting drama” and “the streets don’t wanna hear it no more.”

In September, when 69’s testimony began, Mill tweeted, “69 going up in a [sic] federal courthouse today kids! Message of the day don’t be a Internet gangsta... be yourself!  #cloutisnottheroute get money.”

On Tuesday, Judge Paul Engelmayer denied the rap star's request to serve out the remainder of his 24-month prison sentence in home confinement or, barring that, at a community correctional facility. 6ix9ine has been in prison since November 2018.

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