After the details of 6ix9ine's guilty plea went public last week, much speculation was given to what, exactly, is next for the Dummy Boy artist.

6ix9ine has admitted to his involvement in three different violent incidents alone in 2018: a robbery, a shooting, and an attempted murder. A sentencing is set for Jan. 23 of next year, with 6ix9ine currently facing—at least technically—a 47-year minimum on racketeering, weapons, and drugs charges. However, court documents centered on 6ix9ine's plea suggest that full cooperation with federal authorities will likely lead to a lighter sentence.

Another possibility that's receiving fresh attention this week is the witness protection program. As 6ix9ine's plea deal states, cooperation with the authorities could potentially "reveal the the activities of individuals," thus requiring usage of the witness protection program. By TMZ's assessment, witness protection "may be necessary" due to the nature of the case.

While some interpretations of the revealed plea have suggested a dramatically reduced sentence for 6ix9ine as a result of his cooperation, it's worth noting that the sentence is ultimately the judge's decision. Furthermore, a report from The Blast Monday partially blamed the prevalence of that interpretation on a missing word. Per their sources, the passage that's been cited is missing the word "further," as in:

"[The U.S. Attorney's Office] agrees not to prosecute the defendant further [emphasis added] for the crimes..."

The plea has also revealed that 6ix9ine will only be held responsible for the actions of Nine Trey, of which he admitted to being a member or associate, from the day he met them in 2017 through the day of his 2018 arrest. 

Earlier this month, 6ix9ine's former girlfriend Sara Molina detailed a pattern of alleged physical abuse in an interview with The Daily Beast.