Meek Mill took to Instagram on Friday to call out both 6ix9ine and DJ Akademiks following news that 6ix9ine decided to drop the dime on his associates to help his own case.

On Friday, Akademiks took to IG to tease a snippet of a new Lil AK and 6ix9ine song. 

A short while later, Meek commented on the post, writing, “He telling …shows over buddy... stop posting bull you disrespecting us.”

Jade, 6ix9ine's girlfriend, also got into the exchange and Meek responded. 

Meek previously tweeted about 6ix9ine’s situation, writing, “That’s a shame 🤦🏾‍♂️ when I came home everybody was like he got some real dudes backing him ' I was like how'  y’all better stop  running behind rappers acting like y’all ready to throw y’all lives away over some stupid shit .. I seen this coming a while ago.”

The Dummy Boy rapper is currently in custody and has pleaded guilty to nine counts of racketeering, conspiracy, and weapons charges. 6ix9ine's sentencing is scheduled to happen on Jan. 24, 2020.