Lil Nas X's "Panini" Video Inspires Memes of Skai Jackson Trying to Escape the Rapper

Lil Nas X unveiled the video for "Panini" on Thursday and within hours the memes started rolling in.

skai nas
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skai nas

Lil Nas X released his “Panini” video on Thursday morning, and mere hours later the memes are already rolling in. This time, of guest star Skai Jackson.

In the futuristic visual, Skai tries to escape X, who keeps appearing in digital ads in her vicinity. When she gets out of her Uber, he emerges in real life, dancing with a group of robots.

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She can’t even successfully avoid him on an airplane: while she’s trying to relax, he magically materializes out of nowhere on the airplane’s wing, and she mouths “What the fuck?” It seems like he finally gives up when she escapes the airplane via jetpack.

People have found that scene to be particularly funny, as Skai desperately tries to evade Lil Nas. See some of the funniest memes about the “Panini” video below. Skai Jackson being like “what the fuck” sent me

— jared✨ (@JaredOnYT) September 5, 2019

Skai Jackson every time Lil Nas X popped up out of no where

— Brian (@idkmybffBrian) September 5, 2019

skai jackson in the panini MV be like:

— demira. (@demlusional) September 5, 2019

Skai Jackson in the panini video trying to get away from lil nas x like

— Maddie (@maddieef_) September 5, 2019

skai jackson every time lil nas x reappeared:

— Melania (@mlnxeaia) September 5, 2019

skai jackson every time she saw lil nas x in the panini music video

— 🥀 (@throwinshaide) September 5, 2019

Though Lil Nas X’s record-setting Billboard Hot 100 reign is over, he’s now looking ahead to his next project. During a recent Power 105.1 interview, Nas said that he’s started working on his next album, though he’s only “2 percent done.” He added, “I wanna have at least, like, 70 songs to choose from before making a 10 to 15 track album. With the EP, I had, like, literally 13 songs and picked half of those.”

Nas’ “Old Town Road” remix featuring Bill Ray Cyrus—which ruled the Hot 100 for 19 weeks—also made it to Barack Obama’s summer playlist.

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