Kanye West Reportedly Trying to Buy Out Lil Durk’s 300 Records Contract

Ye became open to the idea following his and Ty Dolla Sign's controversial new song "Vultures," featuring Lil Durk and Bump J.

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Kanye West wants to continue his working relationship with Lil Durk.

TMZ reports that Ye is looking to buy out Durkio’s contract with 300 Records and is currently in discussions with the label. Yeezy landed on the idea following his and Ty Dolla Sign's new “Vultures” record with Durk and Bump J.

Insiders told the outlet that Todd Moscowitz—who co-founded 300 and is now the founder and CEO of Alamo Records—didn’t clear Durk to appear on another song on Kanye’s forthcoming album. Durk and Ye previously appeared on Cardi B's "Hot Shit" together in mid-2022.

Over the weekend, Ye, Durk, Ty, and Bump J gave their first performance of “Vultures” at the nightclub Blu Dubai. Their appearance came amid reports of Ye and Ty working on their collaborative project in Alula, Saudi Arabia.

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Late last week, the Donda rapper was seen partying with Ty, Chris Brown, and Bianca Censori at the Royal Atlantic Hotel in Dubai, where they listened to “Vultures.”

In the song, Ye addresses his anti-semitism controversy. "How I'm anti-semitic, I just fucked a Jewish bitch,” he raps. West, 46, has made a number of anti-semitic remarks in the not-too-distant past, including saying he’ll go “death con three on Jewish people,” he can see the “good” in Hitler,” and mentioning the “Jewish underground media mafia.”

Brown also came under fire for being seen partying with West while listening to the questionable song

"In no way shape or form am I anti-semetic!!!" Brown wrote on his Instagram Stories. "I’m pro life and I make music for the entire world!!!!!! So please do not get tricked into thinking I spread hate or am kool with it! This [is] for the millions of young kids that look up to [me] and [might] be confused."

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