Funkmaster Flex on His Role in Drake and Meek Mill's Feud: 'I Wanted to Be in the History Book'

In a new interview on Rap Radar's 'Cigar Talk,' Funkmaster Flex touched on his role in Drake and Meek Mill's beef, his problems with Jay-Z, and more.

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Funkmaster Flex found himself involved in Drake and Meek Mill’s feud in 2015, when the DJ played a reference track for “10 Bands” on-air as further proof that Meek’s accusations of Drizzy having a ghostwriter were true.

This led to Drake responding with “Charged Up” and “Back to Back” in just a few days’ time. Meek would later respond with “Wanna Know,” which Flex was supposed to premiere on Hot 97, though that never happened.

Funk Flex touched on his role in the two rappers’ feud on Rap Radar’s show Cigar Talk, referencing the historic feud involving KRS-One, DJ Red Alert, MC Shan, and others who were arguing over the true birthplace of hip-hop.

“I gotta be honest, I kind of bit that whole routine, or my involvement. I was copying, watching Red Alert and MC Shan and KRS-One,” Flex explained around the 36:25 mark above. “And I watched people throw the flame on it and I said, ‘If I throw the flame on it, this can be one of those.’ … I ain’t gonna lie, I wanted to be in the history book like Red Alert and Shan and KRS-One.”

He continued, “You know what, Meek was always in a cheerful phase about [it]—he wasn’t overly stressed [at that time]. Because I think he wasn’t. It was funny…when I didn’t have the record, I wanna say I feel maybe me and Meek must have had miscommunication on the song, or what it was gonna be.”

Flex said he reached out to Meek and asked about his feud with Drake and a forthcoming diss record. “I did do that and he was like, ‘Of course, man. And then I might have said, ‘All right, Monday?’ I might’ve. And then I thought he agreed.”

“Wanna Know” ended up dropping a couple of days after Flex was supposed to debut it on Hot 97.

Elsewhere, Flex discussed his issues with Jay-Z. “I like that guy,” Flex said around the 25:35 mark. “I’ll keep it a buck. We never got along, even in the ’90s. I’m from the Bronx, he’s from Brooklyn. … I just like to have an opinion about stuff, man. I think I rub people the wrong way sometimes. I like to have an opinion. If we’re in a barbershop, you’re gonna have an opinion, why can’t I? I’ma say the same thing I’ma say in a barbershop, I’ma say [it] on the radio or online.”

Flex said Jay is his “favorite rapper of all time” and “better than [the Notorious B.I.G.] to me.”

He also brought up one thing he really dislikes about rappers. “You know what’s the most disgusting part about a rapper?” he said. “A rapper that turns his comments off is a pussy. He’s fucking pussy. You’re on your phone all day talking tough, you writing your bars, you putting out your mixtape, you’ve got your guns in the video, and you turn off your comments, you pussy. What kind of banana shit is that?”

At the end of the conversation, Funkmaster Flex was honest about what he thinks of Cardi B’s rap skills. “She’s an amazing entertainer, I love her on social media, I love the way she talks about a subject, I like her whole swag, I like everything. She’s a terrible rapper, man. I don’t know,” Flex said around the 54:35 mark. “Even if somebody [else] wrote [her songs], those aren’t good bars. So somebody sold you bad bars! Is nobody gonna fucking say it?”

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