Cynthia Nixon Appeared at Eric B. and Rakim’s Irving Plaza Show in New York

The former 'Sex and the City' actress is trying to garner more support for her campaign.

Cynthia Nixon in New York

Image via Getty/Steve Zak Photography

Cynthia Nixon in New York

When Cynthia Nixon announced her bid for governor of New York in March, against incumbent Andrew Cuomo, the whole thing seemed fairly bizarre. So bizarre that on Monday night, her appearing at Eric B. and Rakim’s concert at Irving Plaza in New York City to gain more support for her campaign seemed almost normal.

Rob Stone shared footage of the concert on Instagram, with the caption, “When Cynthia Nixon shows up at Eric B. & Rakim…”

In the video, Nixon said, “I want to say thank you to Rakim and to Eric B. for inviting me here tonight, and I know, I know that Eric B. is president,” she remarked amid cheers and applause. “But I’m here because I want to be governor of New York State. I was born here, I grew up here, with my mom, in a one bedroom, five flight walk up,” she said, before the video cuts.

Nixon has made bettering public education, conditions for immigrants, and the subway system cornerstones of her campaign. But when the former Sex and the City actress announced her campaign, it didn’t take long for people to express their skepticism about another celeb-turned-politician. Even former New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn referred to the actress as “an unqualified lesbian,” though Quinn later apologized for the comment.

Now, it seems like Nixon might very well be targeting hip-hop fans, which might not be a bad place for the vehemently anti-Trump candidate to start.

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