YK Osiris Reveals He Went Broke After Success of "Worth It"

The Jacksonville rapper shed more light on his highly publicized financial issues, claiming he went broke after failing to properly manage his money.

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YK Osiris admits his money management skills were once lacking.

During a recent appearance on The Breakfast Club, the Jacksonville rapper briefly opened up about his highly publicized financial issues. Osiris has made plenty of headlines for money owed to artists like Young Thug, Lil Baby, and Drake; the latter of whom offered to clear his $60,000 debt in exchange for an impromptu performance.

Osiris told the radio hosts he used to feel pressured to convey an image of success, so much so that he began dropping huge sums of money on everything from clothes to jewelry to twice-a-week haircuts. The rapper said his spending got out of control after the success of “Worth It,” the second single off his 2019 debut album The Golden Child.

“I went broke so goddamn quick, man,” he said at the 21:30-minute mark. “Three years ago, when ‘Worth It’ came out. Man, I blew that money so goddamn fast.”

Osiris revealed he had given his mother a quarter of a million dollars, dropped $300,000 on clothing, and would spend hundreds of dollars for each haircut. But he said the most shocking bill came from the IRS.

“By the time [taxes were due] my accountant say, ‘This how much you owe,’ I said, ‘Shit,’” he recalled. “I think I owed $190,000 or some shit. But it was crazy. The money went so quick, bruh. Like, when you don’t have it, it’s like you get it, your mindset change so many things. You start buying so many things.”

You can watch Osiris’ full interview above. He also shares his thoughts on therapy, his friendship with Drake, and his attempt to land a starring role on 50 Cent’s Power.

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