Trina Speaks on Altercation With Walmart Shopper Who Allegedly Called Her the N-Word

Trina said it all started after she attempted to console the crying woman.

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Trina made headlines this week after she was filmed screaming at a Walmart customer who allegedly called her the N-word. Initial reports stated the incident occurred after Trina had bumped into the female shopper in an aisle; however, the Miami MC claims it all started when she simply tried to console the crying woman.

"I didn't bump into her in the store ... this lady was way across in the kids section, just shopping with clothes, and she was just crying," Trina recalled during an interview with TMZ. "... And I just looked over and was like, 'Oh, hi. Are you OK?'And she looked up like a demon—demonic, very evil, satanic witch. And she was like, 'Get away from me, you n***er bitch.'"

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Trina said she then walked away feeling confused, before the situation really sunk in. The rapper said people came up to her just moments later, claiming they had also heard the woman use the racial slur. Trina eventually made her way to the register, where she and her friend saw the woman again.

"As I got to the register, my friend said, 'You owe my friend an apology.' And that's when she just looked around acting belligerent," Trina explained. "I said, 'Say it again. You called me a n***er, and I am a n***er—one that will whoop your ass.'"

Trina then issued a stern warning to anyone bold enough to disrespect her.

"This is not the 1800s. This is not the slavery days," she said. "... I live in that area, in a very nice area ... I don't do racial slurs ... this is not gonna happen. We're not slaves, and you're gonna get your ass whooped—anybody next time that calls me anything outside of my name."

You can hear Trina's full comments above.

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