Tory Lanez Reacts to Joyner Lucas' "Zeze Freestyle": 'I Just Want to Hand You This Fat A** L'

Lanez is convinced he's winning the battle.

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Tory Lanez seems unimpressed by Joyner Lucas' latest diss track.

Earlier this week, the artists kicked off a rap battle that resulted in a series of freestyles that became increasingly scathing. The latest shot was fired Wednesday night, when Joyner took aim at Lanez's family, relevancy, and artistic integrity over Kodak Black's "Zeze" beat. Though many fans declared the bar had been raised, Lanez was apparently underwhelmed by the freestyle; in fact, he called it a "fat a** L."

The Love Me Now? artist took to Instagram Live to broadcast his reaction. He's seen shaking his head and laughing during the first couple of minutes; however, he abruptly stopped the cut after Jonyer raps: "How come you couldn't follow in my steps and be a dancer?"

"Time out. Did this n***a just say, 'Why couldn't you follow in my footsteps and be a dancer?" Joyner asks. "I'm sorry. I'm confused. It's bad enough that you a light-skin, pretty boy ass n***a, but don't come here talking about how you was a dancer before we pull up the fun facts on your dumbass."

After taking a few moments to get his laughs out, Lanez directed his team to resume the track. He then seemed pretty disappointed with the following bars.

"On behalf of every—I just want to hand you this fat a** L that you have taken today, Lucas Joyner. You've taken a fat a** L today," Lanez said. "Round one of this was a showcase [...] I went on ['Lucky You'], no disses were said to that n***a; it was just a showcase for showcase of bars."

Lanez goes on to explain that he won the second round in which they both freestyled over "Litty": "I dissed your pops music career; I said he had a failed music career that he gave to his son; I came for your personal life; I came for your city; I came for a lot of things, my n***a. You came back with things that weren't facts."

Though the Canadian artist clearly had a lot to say, there were certain lines he didn't directly address: the accusations that he bit Kendrick Lamar's style.

You can check out Lanez's reaction in the video above. 

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