6ix9ine and Lil Reese Get Into Heated Exchange on Instagram Live

The broadcast took place shortly after 6ix9ine got into it with 600 Breezy, who threatened to kill the "ZAZA" rapper over his comments on the late King Von.


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The 6ix9ine vs. Lil Reese beef is showing no signs of dying down. 

Shortly after going at it with 600 Breezy, 6ix9ine got into another heated exchange with Lil Reese on Instagram Live. Footage of the broadcast shows the Brooklyn rapper defending his disparaging comments against the late King Von, whose death was seemingly referenced in Tekashi’s new track “ZAZA.”

The two are heard going back and forth before Lil Reese flashes his gun. 6ix9ine appeared unfazed and then questioned why Lil Reese didn’t have that same energy when he was attacked back in 2019

Lil Reese’s friend then hopped in to tell 6ix9ine he was “too internet” and “too disrespectful.” Of course, 6ix9ine refused to back down and questioned why they were so upset with him speaking on the dead, when Von and Lil Durk had done the same to the late Tooka.

“Hold on. So when y’all dissin’ Tooka, it’s not disrespectful?” 6ix9ine says before Lil Reese signs off. “N***a shitted on himself, wanna pull out a gun on IG Live ...”

6ix9ine and lil Reese go at it on ig live pic.twitter.com/EVqFvBYbpD

— DJ Akademiks (@Akademiks) February 20, 2021

That exchange was pretty tame compared to the one involving 600 Breezy. The Chicago rapper also slammed 6ix9ine for disrespecting Von and then proceeded to issue some serious threats.

“You gonna die when I see you, respectfully ...” Breezy told 6ix9ine on Instagram Live. “I’m not Meek, n***a. And you gotta move around with security ’cause you a b**ch. You gotta move around with security ’cause you a hoe n***a … Real street n***as don’t move with security guards ... You gonna die n***a … Your security guards better be strapped, all that. You police, fed-ass n***a.”

6ix9ine’s response? A verbal fire of homophobic slurs and sexually explicit insults. 

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