Nicki Minaj on XXXTentacion's Death: 'We Don’t Want to Feel That Again'

Nicki discussed the surge of violence in hip-hop, suggesting the constant trolling and feuds make the situation worse: "You guys are talented—you don’t need to do the extra shit.”

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Though Nicki Minaj admits 6ix9ine’s trolling antics initially amused her, she’s now urging her “FEFE” collaborator to tone it down.

“I don’t want people to think that that’s all he is, because it’s not,” Nicki said on The Whoolywood Shuffle. “You gotta be so careful, because you get such short window of time to make that overall, first impression—before people in their head think they have you figured all out. […] I want people to see the good qualities in him.”

DJ Whoo Kid responded by suggesting 6ix9ine’s trollish nature could have deadly consequences: “And R.I.P. [XXXTentacion]. We don’t want another triple X nonsense going down.”

“Absolutely. That’s the real shit,” Nicki said. “I don’t want to say that, but that’s obviously the realest part of it. We don’t want that. Nobody wants that.”

Nicki went to say she and The Game spoke about XXX’s death and how he felt it was their responsibility to stop the senseless killings. As many of you know, The Game and 6ix9ine have exchanged a few heated words in the past; however, Nicki says The Game doesn't want any feud to turn violent.

“He and Tekashi I think had an issue or something—I don’t know. But I just know that when I talked to The Game, he was like, ‘I don’t any more young people in our culture dying for nothing. We have to stop this,’” Nicki recalled. “[…] XXXTentacion may not have been the biggest artist, but [his murder] hurt us like we knew him, or like we were the biggest fan. Because we knew that this was a life cut too short, too soon, right? And it just bothered us, and we don’t want to feel that again. […] You guys are talented—you don’t need to do the extra shit.”

You can listen to Nicki’s interview in the video above.

She also discusses the double standards within hip-hop, working with Jay-Z, her thoughts on Kim Kardashian, and a mysterious Future-assisted record she pulled from Queen. Nicki revealed there were actually two tracks that didn’t make the final cut because they referenced the people she previously dated.

“So there’s two songs that I took off that album because of that; they were talking about two different people, two different exes,” she explained. “It was too bad […] Like, there’s a song I took off the album with Future—he loves the song, by the way, and I love it, too—but it’s some relationship shit. I think someone would’ve been offended by it. But I’m still gonna put it on the album because I love the song.”

Stay tuned for that. 

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