Joey Badass and Bas Join KOTA the Friend on "BQE"

The track will land on KOTA’s forthcoming album, ‘Everything.’

KOTA the Friend "BQE" f/ Joey Badass and Bas

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KOTA the Friend "BQE" f/ Joey Badass and Bas

Joey Badass and Bas have teamed up with fellow New York native KOTA the Friend on his latest single “BQE”—a nod to their hometowns of Brooklyn and Queens.

"'BQE' is a song for my hometown. It’s about the come up and pushing through no matter what," KOTA said in a statement. "I think what we did with this track was show New York that this too is what the cit sounds like." KOTA added, "I think what we did with this track was show New York that this too is what the city sounds like"​​​​​​.​

The song will appear on KOTA’s forthcoming sophomore album called Everything, the follow-up to his 2019 effort FOTO. KOTA spoke about the new album during an interview with UPROXX, explaining the ways it differed from its predecessor.

“I think the difference between this one and Foto is that this one is just a lot more up tempo. It has a lot more bops than Foto does,” he said. “One thing I wanted to focus on with this one is, I wanted to make it just a really feel-good album. I didn’t want one song to be a downer. I wanted every song be uplifting and just really get people hyped and get people in a good mood or feel a really good version of nostalgia.”

You can listen to “BQE” now on all major streaming platforms. Everything is set to arrive on May 22, about one year after FOTO’s release.

Joey has also took to Twitter this month to tease new music, perhaps the long-awaited follow-up to his 2017 album, All-Amerikkkan Badass

Life sucks rn, yes!?

.....But on the bright side, we get closer to new Joey Bada$$ music everyday :) you will be rewarded for your patience I promise. 🤞🏿💎

— BADMON (@joeyBADASS) April 22, 2020

Since All-Amerikkkan Badass' release, Joey has dropped a number collaborative joints with artists like Westside Gunn, ASAP Rocky, XXXTentacion, JID, and T-Pain. He also contributed to 2019's Escape From New York, the debut album from his hip-hop supergroup Best Coast.

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