Kim Kardashian Talks About Kanye's Recording Process During 'Ye'

Kim revealed Kanye was making last-minute changes to the album on the night of its premiere.

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Though Kanye West’s eighth studio album was announced back in April, we didn’t know much about the effort until its official debut last week. There were no promotional singles, no confirmed guest appearances, no concrete tracklists, and no album title. The secrecy surrounding the project was believed to have been intentional, as Kanye is known for his unconventional album rollouts; however, it now appears that Ye never revealed much about the project simply because he knew there would be last-minute changes. And we’re not exaggerating when we say “last-minute.”

During Ye’s listening session in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, last week, Kim Kardashian shed more light on Kanye’s recording process. She spoke about his decision to create the album outside of Los Angeles, and how he was altering the album’s lyrics during the car ride to its premiere.

“He had a whole different album, and maybe two weeks ago, he just came in, woke up one morning, and redid the whole thing. Like, new beats, he did the whole thing all over again,” she told Power 106’s J Cruz and CeCe, before speaking on her time in Wyoming. “It’s actually really, really cool. It’s really chill […] It just seems nothing matters when you’re here. You can just unplug when you’re here. [Kanye] can actually just focus, because if he records in L.A. or New York, there are so many people who want to stop by. He’s just, like, ‘I can’t. Like, I just gotta go away.’”

Kim also revealed Kanye spent about a month in Turks and Caicos working on the album, too; however, his preferred recording location is Wyoming.

Kim also explained that she was pretty involved in Kanye’s creative process, as he asks for her opinion on every track.

“He loves to hear, like, a female’s perspective […] It’s always, like, ‘OK, you have to hear every word,” Kim explained. “On the car ride here, I was like, ‘No, no. You gotta to take this line out.’ […] That’s why they’re about to pull up now. He was literally finishing. We went back in to record two more lines of something that he was like, ‘Oh, it’s off.’”

Kim said the process was fascinating to watch.

You can check out her interview above.

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