6ix9ine’s Ex-Manager Kifano 'Shotti' Jordan Responds to Rumor He Slept With Rapper's Baby Mama

Shotti also suggests 6ix9ine's relationship with Jade isn't real.

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UPDATED 9/6/19, 7:16 p.m. ET: Shotti's Instagram account posted a clip of the interview with a caption for his followers that's probably also directed at 6ix9ine.

"We don’t bend we don’t fold we don’t break. I stood tall like a man can’t speak for the rest of y’all," it said, punctuating that subliminal with a rat emoji.

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Kifano "Shotti" Jordan wants to make it clear: He never had sex with 6ix9ine's baby mama.

The incarcerated music exec addressed this rumor during a recent phone interview with Rap Radar, insisting he and Sara Molina's relationship was strictly platonic. (It's also worth noting that Molina, who shares a daughter with 6ix9ine, previously denied the rumor during a sit-down on VladTV.)

"That's not true at all. Everything that you hear online is coming from ... I guess the PR team he's working with—I don't know who it is," 6ix9ine's ex-manager told reporter Naji (5:50). " ... We had a relationship as friends because, you know, we spent a lot of time together. But other than that, it's all made up. I don't even see why he would say that. That's embarrassing for him. I don't think he started the rumor."

He added: "We definitely had a relationship, but it wasn't on the terms of having sex or nothing like that. It was all about family and friendship."

The conversation then turned to 6ix9ine's current relationship with Jade—a topic that prompted laughter from Shotti. The 37-year-old claimed the couple barely knew each other, and suggested their romance wasn't the real deal.

"Oh, that's his girl, though?" he said when Jade was mentioned (8:12). "Yeah, I met her the same time he met her, like, my people paid for her fly out to LA for him to meet her, you know what I'm saying? ... He probably met that girl six or seven days before he got arrested. They don't even know each other."

Shotti also spoke about the allegations he had stolen money from 6ix9ine prior to their arrest—accusations levied by 6ix9ine in a November 2018 Breakfast Club interview. Shotti claimed the "FEFE" rapper had lied about the theft in an effort to distance himself from his co-defendants and to avoid criminal charges. The Tr3yway Entertainment founder also claimed 6ix9ine was contacted by federal agents just days before the Breakfast Club appearance.

"The interview was on Friday, so I think [investigators] reached out to his lawyers maybe Thursday or Wednesday," Shotti said (5:11). "... I know he was already aware of the situation, and he didn't make anyone else aware. In hindsight, I know he felt like him coming up with the story was like him distancing himself from [Tr3way], and it didn't work."

You can hear Shotti's full comments above. The interview was published Friday, shortly after Shotti received a 15-year-prison sentence in the 6ix9ine racketeering case. 

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