Kanye West Might Be Starting His Own Streaming Service

The rapper has filed a trademark application for the name "Yeezy Sound."

Kanye West

QUEENS, NY - OCTOBER 02: Kanye West performs during The Meadows Music & Arts Festival at Citi Field on October 2, 2016 in Queens, New York. (Photo by Taylor Hill/Getty Images for The Meadows)

Kanye West

Kanye West could be making a huge business move.

About four months after the rapper cut ties with Jay Z’s Tidal, newly surfaced documents suggest he has plans to launch something that may just be a streaming service of his very own. The documents reveal West is taking steps to trademark the name "Yeezy Sound."

The trademarkapplication was filed last week and states the name would be used for the purpose of "streaming of music, audio, images, video and other multimedia content over the internet, mobile devices, wireless networks, and other computer networks and electronic communications networks."

Obviously, there isn’t much information about what Yeezy Sound is or what it could be; however, if this is in fact a streaming service venture, it will likely lead to more tension between him and Jay.

Back in July, it was reported that West decided to leave Tidal because of a financial dispute. West reportedly accused the streaming service of breach of contract, and demanded the termination of his exclusivity agreement.

"Kanye West, a key player in Jay Z's Tidal stable, has left the company over a money dispute and Tidal has threatened to sue him," sources toldTMZ. "We're told Kanye has complained the company owes him money—more than $3 million."

Our Everyday Struggle crew also discussed the possibility of Kanye going the streaming service route, which you can watch below:

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