Busta Rhymes Says T.I. Isn't a Good 'Verzuz' Matchup: 'It Would Be Uncivil, That Ass Beating'

Busta addressed the subject during an appearance on 'Ebro in the Morning.' He explained he has no beef with T.I., but believes he would dominate the battle.

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Busta Rhymes is convinced T.I. dodged a beatdown.

During a Friday appearance on Hot 97's Ebro in the Morning, Busta was asked about his proposed Verzuz battle with the ATL rapper. As you probably recall, Busta seemed pretty enthusastic about the face-off and suggested T.I.'s discography was no match for his. The Brooklyn-bred MC made the comments during a recent appearance The Fat Joe Show, where he touched on Tip's claims that New York City rappers have an advantage in the game.

"T.I., it is intriguing to me that you have such a concern with New York MCs," Busta said. "I wanna understand what that's about. But, from one brother that loves you to my brother that knows I love him, I'm begging you to step in the ring with me. I'ma bust yo ass ... Come on T.I., let's have fun."

T.I. shot down the offer in an Instagram video, arguing the generation gap between him and Busta was much too wide. The Ebro in the Morning crew agreed, and suggested Busta take on someone like Snoop Dogg or Missy Elliott.

"Let's be clear. You said that you didn't think me and T.I. would be a good Verzuz," told Ebro. "Direct response to that: Neither do I. It would be uncivil, that ass-beating. But what I'm saying is, I never asked to do a Verzuz with T.I. That's my brother and I love him, but I never asked to do a Verzuz with him."

Busta made similar comments last week during an Instagram Live broadcast, in which he relentlessly roasted T.I. He claimed he never asked to battle the The L.I.B.R.A. rapper, and that he was simply responding to Fat Joe's questions on the potential matchup.

"[Joe] asked me if the opportunity to do a Verzuz against T.I., would I do it? Motherfucking right," Busta said on Hot 97. "And that don't just go for T.I., that goes for any artist from any timeframe, any era of hip-hop."

Busta acknowledges that his words might come off as a little cocky, but believes he has every right to stroke his own ego.

"I worked hard throughout these years, man, and I've been very consistent throughout these years. And I speak from a place of pride," he said. "I'm speaking from a place of being very clear of the fact that I've earned my right ... to be very, very confident. I'm not speaking from a 'stroking my own ego' place, but I don't think anybody can actually have a problem with me actually stroking my own ego if I chose to. Because I've earned it—justifiable so. Bust anybody's ass on any stage, don't matter who was the lineup ... Bust anybody's ass on whatever record that I had to be on ..."

He quickly clarified his statement, and acknowledged his previous collaborators' impressive skills. 

"I've definitely rhymed with some incredible MCs, where I can't say I bust they ass, but I definitely was far from taking any L from anyone," he said. "I don't think it's been documented in history that any MC ever busted my ass on a record. I run toward the smoke ... I'm very comfortable sitting in the smoking section."

You can check out Busta's full interview above. He also discusses the making of his newly released album, Extinction Level Event 2; shares memories of the late Ol' Dirty Bastard; and reveals how he secured a Jackson 5 sample on "Look Over Your Shoulder," featuring Kendrick Lamar.

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