6ix9ine Does a 50 Cent-Inspired Troll by Taking Chief Keef’s Baby Mama Shopping at Gucci

50 pulled a similar move against Rick Ross back in 2009, when the G-Unit boss took Renzel's baby momma out shopping.

6ix9ine’s troll tour rolls on. 

Just a day after he pulled up to Chief Keef’s hometown of Chicago, where he boldly dissed the city’s MC while handing out food to the homeless, 6ix9ine decided to fire more shots by linking up with Sosa’s baby momma Aareon “Slim Danger” Clark.

6ix9ine teased the meet-up via Instagram on Wednesday morning, posting a message that read: “I’m going to end a career today.”

Shortly after, the Brooklyn rapper shared a video in which he was seen treating Slim Danger to a shopping trip at a NYC Gucci store. 6ix9ine captioned the post: “REST IN PEACE.”

“This Chief Keef baby momma. I’m out here in New York, and guess what? That ni**a don’t do shit for his fucking kid,” Slim Danger says at the beginning of the video.

“She know. Treyway here, man. If you don’t know how to take care of your girl, a ni**a gonna take care of her for you,” 6ix9ine tells the camera, before leading Slim Danger into Gucci.

From there, the two are seen looking at different merchandise while chopping it up with the staff. At one point, one of the sales associates confirms he’s a fan of Chief Keef, to which 6ix9ine replies, “Yeah, I like Chief Keef a lot.”

You can check out the video below.

The rapper’s stunt was likely inspired by 50 Cent, who has pulled similar moves against his foe Rick Ross. Back in 2009, Fif took Ross’ baby momma Tia Kemp out shopping, and was recently spotted partying with Ross’ other baby momma Lastonia Leviston.

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50 has become one of 6ix9ine's most prominent supporters, and has continued to encourage the controversial rapper's trolling efforts. Over the weekend, Fif jokingly announced he was 6ix9ine's biological father, writing on Instagram: “l dated a Mexican girl back in the day. l took a blood test and just found out 6ix9ine’s my son, no wonder he acts like that.”

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