It’s not too often we see someone catch an L immediately after committing an act of kindness.

On Tuesday morning, controversial rapper 6ix9ine bravely walked the streets of Chicago, the hometown of his most prominent foe Chief Keef. 6ix9ine claimed he was in the city to give back to the community—handing out meals to the homeless as well as distributing cash to random strangers he saw on the street. It sounds like a nice gesture and all; however, 6ix9ine couldn’t help but use the opportunity to take a dig at the Windy City’s rappers.

“We’re in fucking Chicago, you know what I’m saying, we’re going to feed the homeless or whatever,” he said in an Instagram video. “I got 15 burgers here. Giving back to the community, because other Chicago rappers don’t give back.”



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As many of you know, 6ix9ine and Keef began beefing more than a month ago, after Sosa’s cousin Tadoe allegedly threatened to kill 6ix9ine for talking to Cuban Doll. The situation escalated once 6ix9ine began making reckless comments, like challenging Keef to kill him within a 48-hour timeframe. There was also an alleged assassination attempt against Keef earlier this month, when they were shot at while standing outside the W Hotel in NYC. But 6ix9ine, a NYC native, denied rumors that he was somehow involved in the shooting, and suggested Keef brought the incident upon himself.

“He’s a gangsta rapper. He promotes violence. So, I guess he has a lot of beef on the streets; I don’t know who he’s beefing with that wants to hurt him, but it’s definitely not me. I’m actually a fan,” 6ix9ine said during an interview on TMZ Live. “I’ve never shot a gun in my life, to be honest with you.”

In an apparent attempt to show his courage, 6ix9ine showed up to a Chicago airport Tuesday morning, where he was filmed bragging about not having security and was fazed by any potential threats.

But Keef wasn’t buying 6ix9ine’s claims, and accused the rapper of surrounding himself with security during his Chicago visit. Keef also asked if 50 Cent, a notable supporter of 6ix9ine, had paid for the extra protection.

Others on social media claimed they saw 6ix9ine rolling with cops as he traveled through Chicago.

6ix9ine insisted the men in the videos and photos were his personal security guards—not law enforcement.