Azealia Banks on Beyoncé: "She's Not an Artist, She's a Poacher"

This is going to be controversial.

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Azealia Banks has certainly never been one to hold her tongue, but this might be taking things to a new level. In a long series of tweets tonight, Banks chastised Beyoncé for trying to "capitalize on a national conversation" about black women's suffering while "making herself the star." In response to a tweet by writer Ta-Nehisi Coates, Banks had more to say. 

"She's not an artist, she's a poacher," she wrote. "She takes food out of darker skinned women's mouths and pretends to be inspired." She even went on to say that both Bey and fellow Roc Nation artist Rihanna were "just there" and didn't really have anything to say in their art. "She needs to stay under Jay Z's foot where she belongs, and stay out of the creative woman's way," Banks wrote.

Love her or hate her, Azealia Banks' comments are sure to be controversial, especially among Bey's legion of dedicated fans. Coming off her recent return to releasing music—she dropped her SLAY Z mixtape a few weeks back and her video for "The Big Beat" on Thursday—it's interesting to see her jump headfirst back into the Twitter beefs. Then again, she's always been known to speak her mind, no matter the consequences. She shared some similar, albeit less abrasive, thoughts on this same subject just a few days ago.

You can check out all her tweets below.

She also touched on the reason she seemed to be praising the album initially, explaining that she had only heard part of it.

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