Azealia Banks is never one to keep her opinions to herself, but in this instance, her opinion is all over the place. Last night, the rapper took to Twitter to hate on Beyoncé's new album, LEMONADE. At first, she simply tweeted in support of Piers Morgan's Daily Mail article where he said he preferred the old Beyoncé, "the less inflammatory, agitating one...The one who wanted to be judged on her stupendous talent not her skin color, and wanted us all to do the same."

"Piers Morgan is right," Banks agreed. From there, she posted a series of tweets calling out Beyoncé's tactics. "Just six months ago you told every black girl in the industry to 'bow down' now you want to stick up for black folk lol," she tweeted. "She made a song about big noses and hot sauce then put up a tour charging $1300 to ppl she knows damn sure can't afford that."

In case her followers still didn't get the message, Banks also tweeted the link to an article titled, “Wanting to Speak But Having Nothing to Say: Why I Don’t Like Beyoncé.” Interestingly enough, Banks had a completely different opinion about LEMONADE over the weekend when the album first dropped. "Lemonade is amAZING," she wrote. "I need to repent. This is sooooo good omg. EXACTLY WHAT pop culture needed." It could be Piers' article just made her look at things in a new way and want some answers from Beyoncé herself. It's doubtful we'll get a response from Bey since she rarely does interviews, but she might be saving her response to the criticism for the Formation World Tour. You can read all of Banks' tweets below.