Today, Azealia Banks comes through with her new video for "The Big Big Beat." The Matt Sukkar-directed visual finds Banks dancing to the track's savage beat in and around a Manhattan court house before taking her moves on top of an NYPD car that was parked curbside. "I shot the big big beat video in the hallways of the projects and in front of central bookings because after being arrested in NYC more than once and having spent many of my teenage days hanging out in the projects you begin to see how public housing and jail are," Banks tweeted about the video for the Slay-Z track. "The materials used to build the projects are the same materials inside of jails and precincts. I see it all as a form of mental programming. Almost as if poor Black Youth are being conditioned and groomed for jail from the start."

The whole thing feels like pretty relevant territory for Banks who is currently facing some legal problems herself. If you remember, Banks had a run in with police in late 2015 after surveillance footage showed her fighting with a security guard who was trying to throw her out of Break Room 86 in Los Angeles. As of February, a report noted that Banks will not face charges for the incident. However, she is still dealing with her arrest from December of 2015 where she reportedly bit a bouncer's boob and is currently facing misdemeanor charges. Watch Banks dance off her legal troubles in the video above and read all of Banks' tweets discussing the video below. Her Slay-Z mixtape is out now.