Scarborough's 3MFrench Calls Out Fake Friends on "Mean Nun"

3MFrench is back with his latest track, “Mean Nun," the first track from the Scarborough artist's upcoming mixtape, set to be released later this year.

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Scarborough’s 3MFrench has returned with his latest single, “Mean Nun.”

It’s the intro track from his upcoming mixtape, set to be released via distribution company Believe. Produced by UK artist and producer Zyron Blue, the energetic tune showcases 3MFrench’s lyrical abilities and growth as an artist. He delivers catchy melodies and an amped-up flow. 

The tune follows his recent music video, “Toxic,” which hit No. 2 in YouTube’s trending ranking for music in Canada last month.

The visuals for “Mean Nun” take place in Scarborough’s Chester Le area, where 3MFrench grew up. They see him hop on a mic and perform the song on his original block. “They say they love me; it don’t mean nun,” he sings on the hook, disavowing fairweather friends. “They won’t even call unless they need sum.”  

3MFrench for new single "Mean Nun"

The video was directed by one of Toronto’s favourite videographers, Strvngefilms, and executive produced by Ivan Albery Powell, who has been helping many upcoming artists in the city get recognized. 

We’re told the Scarborough rapper has a plethora of new music on the way.

Check out the video for “Mean Nun” above.

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