Imagine Dragons and Lil Wayne's National Championship Halftime Show Didn't Make Many Believers

They released their "Believer" remix right after the performance.

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After their halftime performance, Imagine Dragons officially released their "Believer" remix with Lil Wayne on streaming services. The new drop was met with apathy at best—no one was really frothing at the mouth for it after that show.

Imagine Dragons, one of pop radio's favorite rock groups, brought out Lil Wayne to perform "Uproar" and the remixed "Believer." "Uproar" is still a banger in 2019, but viewers could not get over whatever get-up Weezy was wearing. Not many were as happy for Wayne as he looked to be up there getting through this performance.

If Lil Wayne couldn't get props, Imagine Dragons definitely didn't get much love for their rocking (but wholesome and family-friendly) effort. Imagine Dragons didn't get a warm reception when they did the "Radioactive" remix with Kendrick Lamar at the 2014 Grammys. Their latest Top 40 rock/hip-hop mash-up barely fared much better, landing as lamely as a game that saw Clemson bodying Nick Saban's Crimson Tide. Clemson won the championship, 44-16; Imagine Dragons and hip-hop still does not work. 

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