Woman Apologizes After Smashing Street Performer's Keyboard in Viral TikTok Video

The woman interrupted the man's performance by putting her hands on his piano, while also appearing to steal money out of his tip bucket.

A street performer has gone viral after he shared a video on TikTok of him falling victim to a woman who smashed his keyboard on the streets of Athens, Georgia.

As seen in the above clip, the performer, named Andrew, was performing Billy Joel's "Piano Man" on the streets of Athens when a random woman, who has since been identified as Shauntae Heard, approached him and wreaked havoc on his wholesome rendition of the iconic song.

At first, Shauntae interrupted Andrew's performance by putting her hands on his keyboard. She returned moments later and slammed the piano to the ground. In addition, it appeared that Heard inserted her hand in his tip bucket and pulled money out of it, though it's unclear if she actually stole tips from Andrew.

As reported by TMZ, Heard has since apologized for her actions, while asking internet trolls to leave her family out of it. Heard also confirmed she's delivered an individual apology to Andrew.

"I'm sorry for everyone that has seen the viral video. I have took accountability for my actions," she told the outlet. "I know it was wrong and ignorant of me but please keep my family out of it. Y'all problem is with me not my family you don't get anything out of texting them or me and I have already apologize to the person we have talk."

Heard added, "Everything is good no I didn't steal any money, and I didn't break the piano I'm a human just like you all. Everyone has made mistakes nobody isn't perfect again I'm sorry, for my actions I've seen worse downtown this is nothing compared to what I did and I know it's not right."

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