People React to Kodak Black Throwing Stacks of $100 Bills Off Boat

Fresh off dissing his entire Sniper Gang label artists, Kodak Black took to Instagram to throw thousands of dollars into the ocean from his boat.

Kodak Black

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Kodak Black

Fresh off the release of his Happy Birthday Kodak project earlier this month, Kodak Black continued celebrating his 24th birthday this week by throwing thousands of dollars into the ocean.  

In a video posted to his Instagram late Tuesday night, Kodak is seen tossing several stacks of $100 bills from the deck of a boat in what could be presumed to be somewhere in Florida.

“I Broke You Off When Dem F**k N***as Wouldn’t Give You A Dime!!! I Ain’t Owe You S**t N***a I Just Wanted To See You Shine!!! Yeen Never Gave Me S**t N***a I Had My Own Grind!!!!” Kodak captioned the post. 

It’s unclear how much money Kodak threw altogether, but some people online are claiming it’s somewhere north of $100,000.

As if that wasn’t wasteful enough, Kodak proceeded to throw more money away Wednesday morning. In the short clip posted on Twitter, he is seen putting about $1,000 into a toilet bowl before flushing the money. 

Although we’re not sure why Kodak was throwing so much cash away, it’s worth noting that there is speculation that he and his Sniper Gang protégé, Jackboy, are feuding. On Tuesday, Kodak sent shots at Jackboy in a post on Instagram that read: “F**k a Friendship, I’m On Businezz! I Ain’t Signing Rappers No More These N****s Ungrateful. Made A ‘M’ Off Lil Jack.”

Jackboy hopped on IG Live himself and responded, “Don’t ask me no questions, just chill and vibe. I ain’t answering s**t. I ain’t got s**t bad to say about people. You ain’t gon’ get that from me. You ain’t gon’ have no video of me on YouTube.”

Jackboy continued: “That’s my brother at the end of the day. So, I’m not gonna go in detail or explain s**t to nobody. I don’t care. I do not care about Instagram that much I never wanted to be a rapper in my life. I started rapping probably like, three years ago, four years ago.”

Amid the feud, Jackboy shared his new song and video for “Ten Toes Down.”

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While we wait to see how the Kodak and Jackboy saga plays out, check some notable reactions to Kodak throwing money below. 









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