Eminem Teases 'Fortnite' Appearance Ahead of Game's Next Live Event

The rapper shared a video teasing the collaboration.

Kevin C. Cox / Getty Images

Eminem is expected to be featured in Fortnite's next live event.

On Tuesday, Fortnite announced the "Big Bang," which will start at 2 p.m. ET on Dec. 2 and mark "a new beginning" for the game. Hours later, Eminem hopped on Twitter and shared a video teasing a collaboration with the gaming behemoth.

The trailer doesn't add any additional details, though it's soundtracked by the Detroit rapper's 2020 song "Tone Deaf," which features Em rapping about "playin' Fortnite with your grandma."

Twitter: @Eminem

According to Hypex, a Twitter account centered on Fortnite news, Em's collab with the game will include new skins dedicated to the Eminem Show rapper, with one named Slim Shady, and the other called Marshal Mathers No More.

Twitter: @HYPEX

Eminem's appearance is rumored to be similar to Travis Scott's 2020 Fortnite event "Astronomical."

Arriving at the height of the pandemic in Apr. 2020, Scott's "Astronomical" set a record for the biggest-ever gathering in Fornite history, with initial attendance numbers measuring 12.3 million concurrent players, and 27.7 million unique players joining across the five total airings of the special over its first three days.

"Whether it was the gaming community or people that don't even play games, there was definitely a sense of, 'People around the world right now are locked in and focused,'" Scott told Billboard later that summer. "I watched it, and I raged out 'til I passed out."

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