Earl Sweatshirt on His Joe Budden ‘Loiter Squad’ Impression: ‘He’s Not Letting It Go’

In a recent appearance on Showtime's 'Desus & Mero,' Earl Sweatshirt claimed Joe Budden is still bitter about the Odd Future rapper's impersonation of him.

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Back in 2014, Earl Sweatshirt impersonated Joe Budden on Odd Future’s Adult Swim show Loiter Squad, in a sketch that featured Earl (as Budden) getting sued for divorce by his own beard.

Eight years later, Earl claims Budden has not gotten over the teasing. On Showtime’s Desus & Mero on Thursday, the comedic duo brought up the infamous sketch, which Earl thinks Budden is still bitter about.

“He’s tight about that, right?” Desus asked.

Earl confirmed, “He’s tight. He’s not letting it go, bro!” He extended an olive branch Joe’s way, as well. “Bro, fuck with me, bro! … This your twin, bro.”

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The clip arrives just a few months after Budden revealed he hadn’t listened to Earl’s latest album, Sick!, strictly because Earl didn’t appear on his close friend and peer Tyler, the Creator’s last few albums.

“Is [Earl] on Tyler’s last album?” Budden said on his podcast. “Is he on Tyler’s album before that album? How about the one before that one? All right, yo. Forget it. But you expect me to listen to it. [His] man won’t call him to come to the fucking studio. Yo, when your man stop inviting you to the studio, you’re not getting me to listen to what you’re doing. Sorry, that’s like a rule of thumb for me.”

Budden added, “Hell no, I ain’t hear that bullshit! And I’ll tell you what, I’m never gonna hear ’em! I am never gonna hear that. I don’t care. That shit could be Thriller. When would I put that on?” 

Shortly after the Joe Budden Podcast comments, Earl took to Twitter to wonder why he’s not into his music.

“It’s weird that bro didn’t like my mood muzik LOL what happened twin?” Earl wrote.

its weird that bro didn't like my mood muzik LOL what happened twin?

— thebe kgositsile (@earlxsweat) January 26, 2022

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