Black Rob Shares Tribute to DMX From Hospital Bed, Fans Worry About Rapper's Condition (UPDATE)

Black Rob shared a tribute to DMX from a hospital bed Friday. The Bad Boy rapper appeared weak in the video, causing fans to worry about his health condition.

UPDATED 3/11, 8:30 p.m. ET: Mike Zombie launched a GoFundMe Saturday to help cover a few of Black Rob’s personal expenses, with a goal of raising $50,000.

As of Sunday evening, over 300 people have donated, totaling more than $10,000. “This Gofundme is to help him find a home, pay for medical help & stability during these trying times,” a statement on the fundraiser’s page reads. “We’ve lost a lot legends and we can’t afford to lose anymore. This is my way to try and help.”

UPDATED 3/11, 1:00 a.m. ET: Baller Alert posted another heartbreaking update from Black Rob, in which he elaborated on his struggles.

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Countless rappers have taken to social media to express their condolences about DMX’s death, including Black Rob, who shared a tribute from his hospital bed late Friday. 

In the video, which DJ Self posted on Instagram, the Bad Boy rapper looks weak and appears to be battling a health issue. “Let keep our prayers up Black Rob!!!” DJ Self wrote in the caption. “Get well man Please people out there take care of yourself BR was one of the greats Had NY on his back like Whaooo.”

Although there has been no confirmation as to what Black Rob is going through, reactions have poured in from fans and internet personalities alike.

Karlie Hustle, former music director of HOT 97, expressed her concern in a pair of tweets.

“The Black Rob hospital video is distressing, but I believe it’s important to normalize seeing sick people out in the open,” she wrote. “Sick people are people. The human experience is fragile. We should not disappear our ill brethren because we find discomfort in our own mortality.”

In a subsequent tweet, Hustle shed some light on Black Rob’s history of health issues. “Sending healing energy to Black Rob. He has historically struggled with high blood pressure and has had a stroke in the past. He told Sway some years back that he was taking 10 pills a day to keep the condition under control. Of course he had no health insurance bc music biz. Smh.”

As of now, there hasn’t been an update from Black Rob’s camp on his condition.

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