In a new interview with People magazine, City Girls rapper Yung Miami opened up about her relationship with Diddy and showered him with praise.

"He's a man. He's a grown man. He's very honest. He's upfront about everything, ain't no secrets with him. Nothing in my face, everything in one. I can talk to him about it," said the 28-year-old rapper of Diddy, 53. "We go to church. He takes me to church. We pray together. We put God first, for real. We pray, talk to God, and go to church. I can talk to him about anything." She added that what she has with Diddy, which isn’t exclusive as they have both stated, is the “first time” she’s experienced such a loving relationship.

The two have been linked since 2021 when rumors first surfaced that they were dating, however they only confirmed their relationship in June 2022. In an interview in September, Miami said that she and Diddy are “dating” but they’re both “single.” Rumors circulated in November that they had split after they deleted photos of each other from their Instagrams, but they appeared to work out whatever the issue was and appeared in public together not long after.

Elsewhere in her interview with People, Yung Miami spoke about balancing her career as a rapper with running a podcast and appearing as an actor on Black Mafia Family. "I enjoy all of it," she said "I'm not gonna lie, I can't say, I enjoy all of 'em the same. Like I'm just so happy to be in the space that I take all of it in the same. I'm so happy."

Miami added that her role as Deanna Washington on BMF will show a “whole new side” to her in the new season. “Like, I know y'all know Yung Miami, I know y'all know Caresha, but it's like, it's a very emotional scene, and it's real acting," she said. "Like, it's very emotional. I'm a wife, it's different. I ain't gonna spill too much, but it's a whole different side of me."