Master P Says DMX’s Hospitalization Could’ve Been Prevented, Suggests Hip-Hop Union to Better Support Artists

DMX was hospitalized last week following a heart attack suspected to have been triggered by a drug overdose. Master P thinks it could’ve been prevented.


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DMX has been in the hospital since last week, following a heart attack suspected to have been triggered by a drug overdose. Now Master P has spoken about how he thinks it could’ve been prevented.

Talking to TMZ, Master P suggested the lack of support DMX has received throughout his substance abuse struggles is indicative of an industry in need of change. “DMX is an icon, and I just hate that we have to wait till something happens to one of these guys, or to one of us, before everybody really starts saying how much they care, and they love you,” he explained. “I mean, we gotta figure out how to prevent that. … Drugs done killed a lot of our great ones, and sent a lot of ’em to prison, and I’m praying for DMX and his family. And I hope that people start celebrating these icons while they’re alive, imagine all the stuff we could’ve prevented for DMX, to help him.”

From there he compared the music industry to the NBA, and highlighted how when it comes to musicians there’s no union to protect the talent. “I feel like hip-hop need some type of union,” he added. “The NBA have it. What happens when a guy fall off? After he done sold millions of millions of records—even a female—what happens? … Think about it, the NBA, when they done, they go to SportsCenter, they can sit around—where do hip-hop go? Go back to the hood.”

He thinks education is the key to stopping more tragic cases like this and that it’s an essential endeavor. “There will never be another DMX, he’s one of a kind.”

Master P isn’t the only prominent figure to call out the hip-hop community and music industry for not giving DMX the support he needed. Earlier this week Funkmaster Flex lashed out at those in the industry who didn’t do enough to help him throughout tough times. “If he gets past this, I want to ask everyone that posted. … ‘Okay, are you going to go to his house now if he’s better and give him some advice?’” Flex said. “Maybe he didn’t make a lot of money in the last five days, are you going to provide something?”

He chastised artists who posted videos and pictures with DMX, saying they haven’t been there for the rapper despite the posts of support. He called these tributes more self-serving than anything, and suggested X wasn’t always afforded the best help money can buy. “I know he shares his demons and we may have to amplify that demon and amplify his story and his feelings so that the next generation can kind of see a little better, a little clearer,” Flex added.

Sources have indicated DMX could be in a “vegetative state” following his hospitalization, and doctors have warned he may not survive. The rapper has battled substance abuse throughout his career, and checked into a rehab facility as recently as October 2019. Many of his peers have since shared their support and prayers for the rapper since.

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