DMX is in grave medical condition prompting an outpour from industry friends and associates. Yet, for Funkmaster Flex, this love and support may be too little, too late. 

During a conversation with Page Six on Monday, Flex lashed out at those in the industry who were close to DMX for not doing enough to help him through his troubled times. 

“If he gets past this, I want to ask everyone that posted. … ‘Okay, are you going to go to his house now if he’s better and give him some advice?’” Flex asked. “Maybe he didn’t make a lot of money in the last five days, are you going to provide something? Or what you going to do?”

He went on to chastise artists who posted videos and pictures with the rapper but haven’t taken the time to keep an open connection with DMX. To Flex, this gesture is more self-serving than actually showing support. 

“People can find the picture… that they had with the person that’s going through a tragedy in 30 seconds but you haven’t called that person in 10 years,” he continued before comparing DMX’s tragic condition to Nipsey Hussle’s passing. 

“Let me see the picture of you when you went afterwards to his house because you was so concerned. I never see that picture where they go to the house,” he said. “Nipsey Hussle passed away and every washed up rapper made a pilgrimage to LA to go to the Marathon store to take a picture or to get their cards swiped. Bro Nipsey needed that support when he was alive.”

The music world is in shambles as DMX remains in a vegetative state after suffering a drug overdose last week. Throughout his career, DMX has been open about his battle with substance abuse as well as the trauma that led to this addiction. Despite using his pain as a muse to make record labels millions of dollars, Flex explains that DMX wasn’t always afforded the best help that money can buy. 

“You don’t always get the best help when money is being made,” Flex explained. “It’s rough for someone like a DMX who may be in a mental and emotional state of childhood trauma that has happened to him and then being thrown into the money and fame. … I know he shares his demons and we may have to amplify that demon and amplify his story and his feelings so that the next generation can kind of see a little better, a little clearer.”

Watch Funkmaster Flex’s full comments to Page Six about DMX below.