Mase Responds to Shannon Sharpe Calling Him a ‘Gangster Pastor’: ‘I’m Not the One to Play With’

The rapper said, "You wanted to be tough with Mike Epps and you settled quicker than Diddy and Cassie."

Mase performing, Shannon Sharpe at the 8th Annual NFL Honors
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Mase performing, Shannon Sharpe at the 8th Annual NFL Honors

After Shannon Sharpe described him as "a gangster pastor," Mase has responded to the former NFL star and cautioned him to choose his words carefully going forward.

At the start of the latest episode of It Is What It Is with his co-host Cam'ron and mediator Treasure Wilson, the rapper was directly asked to address his recent back and forth with Sharpe. "Your boy chose to target me about the sets and the working out, and all that, he called me a fake pastor and all that," Mase said with a laugh. "I don't wanna say his name... When we were talking about the dips and the sets and all of that, and Mike Epps."

Cam caught on to whom Mase was alluding to, with the rapper referencing Sharpe's recently squashed beef with Mike Epps. "Oh, Shannon said something to you?" asked Cam. "He called me a fake pastor," Mase replied with a laugh. "I wanted to tell him... Listen, Shannon. I'm not the one to play with. Matter of fact, I'm not even going to take that road, I'm going to take a different road with you. Listen, let me start with respect and let me end with class, okay? You started out being very aggressive with Ja Morant's pops at a Laker game. If you are for Black people, this is not the way to carry yourself."

He then shifted his attention to the recent back and forth with Epps, which didn't last very long because the two crushed it within a week. "You wanted to be tough with Mike Epps and you settled quicker than Diddy and Cassie," he said. "You want to be aggressive with me, right? Listen, you showed poise, respect, wherewithal, resolve, compassion, reverence for Skip Bayless, why are you so aggressive anytime somebody Black say something? The man said, 'Put your glasses on!' And you put your glasses back on! Don't play with me, put your glasses back on, Shannon."

He stressed, however, that he does not want to escalate to a feud with Sharpe. "I respect you and I do not want to go there with you," he said. "We might gotta call up big homie Stephen A. Smith to resolve this, man," Cam added.

"He made a statement about me being a fake gangster, it didn't really, pause, rub me the wrong way," Mase continued. "As a Disney client, gangster is not something to talk about. So let's just leave that out. ... I would tell him, even for your spiritual comment, that was ignorant because if you know anything about faith, all the people that were apostles and pastors, they died horrific deaths. ... So it's as gangster as you could be when it talks about doing for others and being tough, so you just need to be educated, you know?"

He also suggested that Sharpe "singled" him out, assumedly because he thinks Cam is "tough" but he's not. "I'm really like that," he laughed. "I just took a different path, sir. God bless."

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Sharpe's comments were provoked by an episode of It Is What It Is last week, in which Cam brought up that Mike Epps and Sharpe were beefing for "like a day, or two."

Cam described Sharpe as "mad diesel," and Mase said, "N***as is too grown to be wrestling. Y’all n***as doing all this curling. Listen, go ahead if you want. I see you doing your dips and all that. I know you on set number eight. He did 84 pullups." Mase stressed that his comments were "satire" and he was just joking, but Sharpe didn't take too kindly to what he had to say.

Mase and Cam'ron react to Shannon Sharpe and Mike Epps now resolved beef, with Mase saying it was a smart decision when Mike Epps threatened to shoot Shannon Sharpe rather than fighting him.

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On his Nightcap podcast with Chad Ochocinco Johnson, the former NFL star called out Mase for apparently dissing him. "There's this pastor, that used to... I guess now he's a gangster pastor, all of a sudden talking about he wants to pull up," he said, as seen in the clip below. "He gonna do so much, he needs to sit his roly-poly ass down. ...

Shannon Sharpe calls out Mase for dissing him and says he's a pastor turned gangsta.

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Mase made headlines last week after he and Cam'ron ripped into Larsa Pippen over her split with Marcus Jordan, who is 16 years her junior.

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