Mase and Cam'ron Rip Into Larsa Pippen Over Marcus Jordan Split: 'You Got No Future in Chicago'

Pippen, 49, and Jordan, 33, parted ways before Valentine's Day after one year of dating.

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Cam'ron and Mase spared no words for Larsa Pippen on a recent edition of It Is What It Is, following this week's news that Pippen and Marcus Jordan broke up after one year of dating.

After the couple's split, Pippen shared a post on Instagram alluding to the break up.

"The man you choose to be your partner affects everything in your life. Your mental health, your peace of mind, your love inside you, your happiness, how you get through tragedies, your successes, how your children will be raised and much more. Choose wisely," the 49-year-old wrote on her Instagram Stories.

The message infuriated Mase, who pointed out Pippen's seniority over 33-year-old Jordan.

"What? What?! How dare she have any rebuttal for taking a man 16 years younger than you and act like he's the problem...You're the adult," Mase said at the 1:00:30 mark in the podcast. "What are you talking about? I'm definitely not the one [who] should be talking about this, 'cause I'm super insensitive on this topic. Just thinking about this, I don't even need my notes for it. Ain't you Scottie's ex-wife? Now you mad with the Pippens and the Jordans? You got no future in Chicago, I hope you know what. You mad with Batman and Robin and now baby Batman. What's going on Larsa? Oh my goodness, this is really embarrassing."

Mase suggested that the relationship drama could be "troublesome" for her son Scotty Pippen Jr., who at 23 is only ten years younger than Jordan.

"We don't know what Scottie did, we not letting Scottie off the hook," Mase continued. "You got Scottie walking around here looking like the future, with dreads and black Nike Airs. I don't know what's in your box, but listen, we're praying for the Pippens, we're praying for the Jordans."

Before passing it over to Cam, Mase suggested that Michael Jordan is sitting somewhere, puffing on a cigar and feeling pretty smug right now.

"What was she thinking? What was you thinking anyway dating him, your kids grew up with this boy," he said. "You were already in violation, talking about affecting your mental health... My opinion is you were taking advantage of this. You were taking advantage of him. You already took Scottie's pension."

Cam interjected to say that he didn't like the situation either, before Mase continued to rip into Larsa Pippen.

"Larsa, you're not 21, you're not Lori Harvey, you got to stop this," he said. "Somebody got to tell you the truth...Stop embarrassing your children, allegedly."

Cam seemed speechless after Mase went all in and said he only had five words to add. "Don't be the next sucker," he said. "Because she'll find another one."

Mase joked, "It's lollipop season... pause."

"You young n***as, she praying on y'all," Cam continued. "Don't be the next sucker. Period...I'm dead serious."

Mase stressed that a relationship between a younger man and an older woman can impact men just as much as when the roles are reversed.

"No young guy should be dealing with them old hags," Mase concluded.

Rumors that Larsa Pippen and Marcus Jordan had broken up started to circulate on Super Bowl Sunday when it appeared they had both unfollowed each other on social media and scrubbed photos of them together.

A source close to the former couple said they split because of "tension" caused by the family drama. "Marcus said Michael was joking when he said he didn’t approve, but it really mortified Larsa," the source told Page Six.

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