Lil Reese Talks Shooting in Chicago, Says Reports of Domestic Violence Is 'Fake'

Lil Reese was wounded in a shooting in Chicago last month, and in a new interview the rapper has finally opened up a little more about what went down.

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Lil Reese was wounded in a shooting in Chicago last month, and in a new interview the rapper has finally opened up about what went down.

Speaking with Fucious TV for a three-part interview, Reese said that the shooting went down “outside of the Grand Plaza apartment” on May 15. “I got grazed in the eye, I got grazed in the head, and I got grazed in the mouth,” he said in the second portion of the interview, seen below. “It was never no fighting going on. Like, the dude that was recording me was just lying saying, ‘Oh it’s a fight.’ No, it wasn’t no fighting going on, they was saying that probably to cover their ass cause the police was right there and they called the police as I got downstairs from getting shot.”

According to the police reports from around the time of the shooting, the situation kicked off after a 55-year-old dad used a vehicle’s GPS tracker and his son’s cellphone to track a stolen Dodge Durango to a parking lot. When he confronted Reese and others inside the vehicle, someone else opened fire. Reese was among those wounded in the incident.

"People were running up to the car, shooting up the car and stuff," Reese continued. "I'm tryna run out the car. I run out the car... and people are telling the police, 'Yeah he stole our car, he stole our car.' And the police come slam me on the ground and make me hit my head on the pole that was right there." He also stressed that he did not steal a car, and suggested the injuries came from the police officers at the scene.

In the third portion of the interview, Reese also addressed his domestic abuse arrest following a physical altercation with his girlfriend last month. The rapper was reportedly arrested on May 29, and charged with misdemeanor domestic battery. 

“That shit was fake,” he said. “That was just an argument going on. Someone seen us arguing and called the police, so when the police came they already knew who I was. So they were like, ‘Aight, we finna just lock him up.’” Asked if he ever laid his hands on his girlfriend in that way, he replied, “Hell no.”

Watch all three portions of the interview above.

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