What Went Down During Kanye's Meeting With Ugandan President

Following his controversial White House visit, Kanye West has met with Uganda's president while recording his album 'Yandhi' in the country.

Kanye West's meeting with Donald Trump didn't go down so well last week, but it would seem that Yeezy isn't done with the presidential figures just yet. Thankfully, his latest meeting won't prove to be quite as divisive for his fans, as Billboard reports that he paid a visit to Ugandan president Yoweri Museveni while recording his upcoming album Yandhi.

During his meeting with Museveni, Kanye, alongside his wife Kim Kardashian, reportedly gifted the president with a free pair of Yeezys. It's unclear which pair of his sneakers he gave him, but Museveni seemed to be very appreciative of the visit, describing their conversation as "fruitful." The meeting supposedly centered around promoting tourism and arts in Uganda, with the tourism board for the country reportedly very happy.

In the video clip below, 'Ye talks about building a Jurassic Park-style zoo in Uganda after getting inspiration from a recent safari he participated in. He also wants the country to be the "most thriving" similar to Wakanda.


'Ye had announced before that he was planning to finish recording the delayed Yandhi in Africa, and it would seem he's stuck to his word. He's already streamed himself recording parts of the album in Uganda from a tent in a national park. 

The video Kanye streamed, which can be viewed above, saw him assumedly freestyling over an instrumental. "Relax your mind/Let your conscious be free/No matter what they say/I'm gonna still be free," he raps in the clip. 

Yandhi is expected to release on Nov. 23, but it is worth pointing out that Yeezy already missed his first deadline for the album when he failed to finish it in time for Sept. 29.

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