Kanye West Received Under 60,000 Election Votes Across 12 States and People Have Thoughts

It's safe to say Kanye West won't be America's next president. His biggest success, Tennessee, saw him earn about 0.3 percent of the state's total vote.

Kanye West

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Kanye West

While the 2020 election votes are still being counted, it's safe to say Kanye West won't be America's next president.

Joining the presidential race relatively late, Kanye failed to make it on a good portion of the ballots of many states. Across the 12 states in which he did appear on the ballot, the Guardian reports he received under 60,000 votes in total. The New York Times reports that the state in which he performed the strongest was Tennessee, where he received over 10,000 votes, less than half that of libertarian candidate Jo Jorgensen.

For comparison, Donald Trump has clocked over 1.84 million votes in Tennessee, while Joe Biden is currently looking at roughly 1.1 million. Kanye's portion of the vote is about 0.3 percent of the state's total, and he failed to crack the 10,000-vote mark in any other state.

'Ye voted for himself as a write-in in the state of Wyoming, but his vote will not count unless he pays a fee to the state and files further paperwork. He did not make the ballot in Wyoming, home of the ranch where he spends much of his time.

Despite his less than stellar performance in the election, it would appear Kanye won't be giving up on a presidential run just yet. In a since-deleted tweet that appeared to be his concession, delivered around the same time as Biden's election night speech, Yeezy appeared to hint at his plans for a 2024 run.

"Welp Kanye 2024," he tweeted alongside a photo of himself, only to later share the same image in a more concise "KANYE 2024" tweet.

Due to the late announcement of his presidential campaign, Kanye did not appear on the ballots in most states. As a result, he urged some of his followers to vote for him as a write-in candidate. Per a filing to the Federal Election Commission, West was able to raise $11.5 million for his campaign by the middle of October. Despite the figure seeming impressive, $10.3 million came from loans made by 'Ye to his own campaign.

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