Gunna Raps 'I'm Not a Rat' On Offset Assisted "Prada Dem," First Atlanta Rapper Collab Since Snitching Allegations

The two rappers have linked up for a flashy music video.

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After sharing the reflective song "Bittersweet" last month, Gunna is back with a new single featuring Offset.

"Prada Dem," which includes his first major featured artist following his release from jail in late 2022, sees the rapper teaming up with Offset to explore their influence on fashion and their appreciation for the finer things in life. It's accompanied by a music video directed by Leff, which was shot in the Broadway Prada store in New York. Inside the store, they effectively host their own private fashion show, with plenty of lavish looks that perfectly complement the sleek vibe of the track itself.

"I set the trend, I'm a trendsetter / I'm not a rat, still gettin' cheddar," Gunna raps on the first verse of the song, referring to accusations that he "snitched" on his co-defendants in the ongoing YSL Rico trial.

Previously, Gunna directly addressed the accusations flying around after he took a plea deal in the YSL case on the 2023 song "Bread & Butter."

"Fuck I paid the lawyers all them mills for? / Just so I won't have to say a word to dodge a railroad," he rapped on the track. "N***as find it hard to understand, though / Dawg ain't put me down, I been locked down, I don't know which way to go / Never gave no statement or agree to take no stand on 'em / On whatever you n***as on and trust me, I'ma stand on it."

Gunna also appeared to reference the trial in his recent, "Bittersweet," which saw him opening up about his mental state amid the ongoing trial. "Shit been rough, but I ain't too tough to say I love and I miss you / You my dawg, I don't care if we fall out, n***a, I never could diss you," he rapped on that song, alluding to his potential issues with either Thug or Lil Baby. "My fans coming through for me, you think they entitled / Thinkin' bout the crew again, could we reunite 'em?"

The two songs are assumedly set to appear on the follow-up to Gunna's 2023 album A Gift & a Curse, his first full-length following his release from jail. He's indicated the project will have more "substance" than his previous releases and will feature "a lot of different artists."

Watch the "Prada Dem" video up top.

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