Gunna Gets Reflective on “Bittersweet" Track: ‘Thinkin' 'Bout the Crew Again, Could We Reunite 'Em?’

The rapper appears to address criticism of his decision to take a plea deal. “You my dawg, I don't care if we fall out, n***a, I never could diss you,” Gunna raps about Young Thug.

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Gunna is getting reflective on his new material.

Over stripped-back production from Dystinkt Beats and Working on Dying producer 1SRAEL, Gunna looks back at the paths he's traveled after a tumultuous few years on "Bittersweet." The rapper, who took a plea deal in the sprawling YSL Rico case involving his close collaborator Young Thug, opens the song by directly addressing his mental state.

"Shit been rough, but I ain't too tough to say I love and I miss you / You my dawg, I don't care if we fall out, n***a, I never could diss you," he raps, assumedly referring to either Thug or Lil Baby, who has repeatedly dissed the rapper and accused him of "snitching" on Thug and the rest of YSL. "Fans say when I rap, they hear the pain in my rhythm / Keeping them far back until I know their agenda / All these n***as capping like the main in the middle / They gon' mention Wunna cause the views'll be bigger / Ain't no way to explain the way you abusin' these Skittles."

He also alludes to his desire to see all of YSL reunited. "My fans coming through for me, you think they entitled / Thinkin' bout the crew again, could we reunite 'em?" he raps. "N***as show they hate before they do something positive / N***as just want you to fade away and hope that you forgot 'em."

To accompany the release of the song, he's also dropped the snow-covered video, which sees him secluded in the mountains. The Spike Jordan-directed video sees him surrounded by bodyguards, with some of them circling the property on snowmobiles.

"Bittersweet" arrives not long after Gunna teased his fifth studio album will feature more "substance" than his previous work. He said he's been working with "a lot of different artists" on the project and is "for sure" exploring the idea of Afrobeats-inspired material.

Gunna has denied accusations he "snitched" on his friends, which is something Young Thug's father, Jeffery Williams Sr., has also supported. "He needs to shut the fuck up because he don’t know what’s going on," Williams said of Lil Baby in particular. "You know, he’s going off of what he heard. Ask Lil Baby has he ever came to a court date. That’s what I want y’all to ask these goddamn rappers and these bloggers with this whole 'snitch' shit. ... Everybody that hasn't been there needs to shut the fuck up about Gunna."

Listen to "Bittersweet" via Spotify here, and check out the video up top.

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