Watch French Montana Discuss Kendrick Lamar Hits Debate With 'Everyday Struggle' Crew

French Montana sparked an online debate when he said he had "more hits" than Kendrick Lamar, and he's refusing to back down.

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French Montana sparked an online debate when he said he had "more hits" than Kendrick Lamar, and he's refusing to back down. Appearing on the latest episode of Everyday Struggle, French addressed the situation and said that he was simply defending himself. 

"I never knew that standing up for yourself wasn't cool no more. People was acting like I said something wrong," French said at the 0:30 point of the episode. "If you put the Beatles in front of me I'm gonna stand up for myself and be like, I feel like I got more hits. People was getting mad at me because they wouldn't stood up for themself... I wouldn't have said nothing like that unless I did my homework before I said something like that. I wasn't talking about who's the better... I never dissed Kendrick, I love Kendrick."

That’s a fact

"If I didn't have this attitude I wouldn't have made it nowhere," he added. "I believe I'm the shit and I'm going to go against anybody, so people can't get mad at me for my opinion. That's me, I believe in myself." Not one to let false figures about his chart performance circulate, the "Unforgettable" rapper addressed many of the pictures that compared his RIAA achievements with that of Kung-Fu Kenny. In fact, he called out a graphic shared by Complex and said that many of his platinum and gold-certified records are not being counted.

He reiterated his argument that songs of his that feature other artists or ones he appears should not be discredited, especially because a number of K Dot's highest-performing singles also have features. "All I did was defend myself," he continued, once again stressing that he is a huge fan of Kendrick. At the 12:10 point, he went on to explain how he has a "great ear" as an A&R and even received a Grammy nomination for "All Day" by Kanye West before he got a nomination for one of his own tracks.

Later on during the episode, the topic shifted to French's beef with Young Thug, whom he has been going back and forth with recently. "It had nothing to do with Kendrick," French said at 15:00 when asked about how that rivalry started. "I never disrespected man's fiancé," he added. "We was at a video shoot... We was all drunk, this and that, and it was just like an atmosphere with people."

He indicated that Thug believes he had made advances towards his fiancé when he was drunk, but he made it clear that he didn't mean to be disrespectful in doing so. French went on to explain that he even apologized for the situation, even though he doesn't remember it happening. "I saw him two months ago at The Weeknd's birthday party, I went over to him personally by myself," he said. "I tapped him on his shoulder, he turned around, and I gave him a pound... I never wanted beef with nobody." When asked if he could go hit for hit against Thug without features included, he confidently said he would come out on top.

From the relatively fresh beef with Young Thug to the long-gestating beef with 50 Cent, French did not back down in the episode. When it came to his issues with 50, he said he also just defended himself after Fif took issue with French's Bugatti. "I never said I was on the same level as him," he explained. Near the end of the episode, French briefly talked about his friendship with Max B, who he called one of his closest friends. 

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