Drake Appears to Diss ‘Ex-Musician’ Joe Budden on ‘For All the Dogs: Scary Hours Edition’

Budden previously offered mixed thoughts on 'For All the Dogs,' both praising and criticizing the album, to Drake's chagrin.

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As expected, Drake seems to have taken aim at Joe Budden on For All the Dogs: Scary Hours Edition.

Less than a minute into his second new track "Stories About My Brother," the 37-year-old raps, “And n***as bound to slip eventually, like they sent permission/Imagine us getting our validation from a ex-musician searching for recognition/Same story every time, they heckling, repetition/I’m top of the mountain, these n***as still down at base camp, they planning they expedition.”

“Imagine us getting our validation from an ex-musician searching for recognition” 💀 #ScaryHours3 pic.twitter.com/VGA97BxAdJ

— Complex Music (@ComplexMusic) November 17, 2023
Twitter: @ComplexMusic

Moments after Drizzy announced what he initially called Scary Hours 3, fans speculated on social media that Budden was going to be a topic. In fact, Budden trended on X, formerly Twitter, and reacted with a few crying emojis.


— Joe Budden (@JoeBudden) November 16, 2023
Twitter: @JoeBudden

Friday's drop ended up being a deluxe version of For All the Dogs, with six new tracks—including a fresh J. Cole collab—added at the end, bringing the run-time to an hour and 48 minutes.

The ire Drake has for Budden reignited after the rapper-turned-podcaster shared his thoughts on For All the Dogs on his eponymous podcast. Joe praised some of the songs, particularly "8am in Charlotte" and "Slime You Out," but also suggested he should've come harder on the J. Cole collaboration "First Person Shooter." Budden ultimately said he was a fan of Drake and thought FATD was his best album since Scorpion, but Drake wasn't happy to hear criticism.

"You have failed at music," Drizzy wrote in a comment showing some of Budden's more negative thoughts. "You left it behind to do what you are doing in this clip cause this is what actually pays your bills. For any artist watching this just remember you are watching a failure give their opinion on his idea of a recipe for success…a quitter give their opinion on how to achieve longevity."

Drake called Budden the "poster child of frustration," and told any young artists reading to ignore whatever he said. "You retired and we never hung up your jersey we don't even remember your number. We know you for doing this…you withdrew from rap not cause you accomplished all you need to it's cause it wasn't working for you," Drake wrote.

Their issues bubbled up enough that Drizzy even sent Budden some DMs on Instagram, including a 55-second voice note. "I'm sick of people attempting to spin the narrative that I'm a hater. That's what I'm sick of," Budden said in a response. "Every time I get into it with one of these n****s...this is a thinly veiled attempt at revisionist history for the TikTokers and the streamers, is what this is. This is who he is speaking to, the people that know me for this." 

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