C-Murder Appears to Respond to Monica Saying He Broke Her Heart

Earlier this month, Monica said she "learned yet another valuable lesson" in her separation from the incarcerated rapper.

Skip Bolen via Getty Images

C-Murder has seemingly responded to Monica after she revealed she was "heartbroken" by their separation.

In a post shared on Instagram, as seen below, the currently incarcerated rapper appeared to call out someone who had recently been critical of him. "I don’t know why someone feels the need to publicly bash a person that’s fighting for their life??" he wrote. "I am a black male fighting and hoping for freedom one day. Wanna speak on something??  Let’s talk about freeing us Louisiana inmates still held illegally and unconstitutionally by a racist Jim Crow law through a non-retroactive 10/2 non unanimous jury.  Facts."

He called on all of his followers to sign a petition calling for the abolishment of non-unanimous jury verdicts to allow convictions. "I am asking all celebrities against RACISM to visit this website: www.louisianabusinessesagainstracistlaws.com and retweet to help relieve modern day slavery and to sign our petition for freedom," he added. "Thanks."

In a post shared on Instagram earlier this month, Monica spoke about her breakup with C-Murder a month after going public with her relationship with Anthony Wilson, who is Chris Brown's manager. "I got my heartbroken (again) and that's ok! I learned yet another valuable lesson," she wrote. "I went through it, got over it, now I can laugh about it! Life continues! I feel great that through it, he has representation to one day be free! Let's move forward!"

C-Murder is serving a life sentence for his alleged involvement in the 2002 fatal shooting of 16-year-old Steve Thomas. In 2021, he claimed that 31 concealed documents pertaining to the case could prove his innocence. Earlier this year, he went on a hunger strike in protest of "inhumane" prison conditions.

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