Bobby Shmurda Speaks on His Sex Addict Problems and How He Dealt With It

Bobby Shmurda has made it no secret that he struggled with sex addiction following his release from jail, and addressed how he's managing it in a new interview.

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Bobby Shmurda has made it no secret that he struggled with sex addiction following his release from jail. In a new interview with Hot 97, the rapper revealed the specific strategy he used to cope. 

“When I came home, I ain’t gonna lie… I just stopped like a month ago, I was having like real sex addict problems,” he said at the 13 minute-mark of the video above. “I was wylin.’ I had to chill out, like last month I just stopped.”

Asked why he “needed to chill,” he replied, “You can’t be playing with people’s feelings like that. … Real shit, everytime you feel you get mad or something… Listen, [it’s] better than drugs, you know. Better than drugs and shooting people in the streets.” As for how he dealt with his addiction, Shmurda said he started working out more, and he got rid of his phone. 

“I bought a new phone, threw the old phone away,” he explained. “You find yourself wylin’, like every other day you go, ‘Yo, what the fuck am I doing, bro?’ … I’m a Leo, I’m a passionate person.”

In his recent 360 with Speedy Morman interview, Shmurda made similar comments and said he has since entered the mile-high club. At one point he had to start ignoring “you up?” DMs and messages, Shmurda revealed. He also tweeted about his addiciton. 

“I need sexx therapy #Baddd 🥺,” he wrote in November. “I need to be stopped lol frfr tho on the set.”

Elsewhere in his Hot 97 interview, Shmurda said that he’s still adjusting to releasing music through a label and all that entails. “I understand [it’s] like not 2014 you can’t just drop shit,” he said at the 20:40-mark. “Everything got to be planned. I learned that you gotta put the planning in your work, you gotta take your shit serious. Before I just wanted to drop and shit when I got home. So now I put the plan into it to make sure everything is promoted, everybody see and everybody hear it instead of just [smacks hands together]. Just making records and dropping it.”

Watch his full interview above.

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