Young Thug Says ‘Broke’ Men Should ‘Not Be Able to Nut,’ Warns Women They Might Not Deserve ‘Top Tier Situations’

As Thugger explained on Instagram, "dead broke" men should “not be able to nut,” while women low on funds shouldn't seek "top tier situations."

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Young Thug has a message or two for people low on funds.

Thugger took to Instagram last week, seemingly on Tuesday as he was watching what looked to be bits of Game 5 of the Phoenix Suns and New Orleans Pelicans series, to share his opinion on poor people—both men and women. As he explains, broke men should “not be able to nut,” while broke women “can’t want top tier situations.”

“God need to set some rules, bruh, we need new rules,” Thug said. “We need a new oath, bruh. If you dead broke, if you a broke-ass n***a, you should not be able to nut. You bringing poor kids into this world and you making n***as rob and kill and steal because you running around with no type of career, no nothing. Having kids, now your kids growing up wanting shit, growing up looking at Thug and his game.”

Whether or not anyone plans to take Thug’s advice remains to be seen, and the same can be said for Thug’s message to women watching his Live.

“When you ain’t got nothing, worth nothing, don’t have a future, your job don’t got nothing to do with what you went to school for, you got to adjust to whatever a n***a do for you,” he said. “You can’t want top-tier situations and you’re the bottom of the barrel. Bitches be dead ass broke wantin’ a Birkin. Where the hell you gon’ put the Birkin at?”

This past week, a man was arrested in connection with the shooting death of LaKevia Jackson, the mother of one of Thug’s children. Joshua Fleetwood, 25, is alleged to have shot the 31-year-old during an argument at Atlanta’s Metro Fun Center bowling alley.

“We are happy that Mr. Fleetwood is in our custody,” said the Atlanta Police Department’s homicide commander Ralph Woolfolk, per Fox 5. “This was simply an escalated dispute, as depicted on video.” 

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