Premiere: Watch Heartstreets’ “Crawling South” Video

Blow the dust off the top of your break-up box, and press play.

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Friends of 14 years, Emme Beko and Gab Godon are setting out to release their debut EP as Heartstreets this Spring. Today, we’ve got an exclusive look at the Montreal duo’s new video for “Crawling South,” a sentimental ode to memory, and the things people leave behind.

On “Crawling South,” Emma and Gab’s voices mingle fluidly over production by local Montrealer Boule, who laces together a rich tapestry of swirling synth progressions and protean drum programming. Godon sorts through heartbreak in real-time on a devastating-but-lovely hook, while Beko adopts a bouncier flow that seems to pull from cherished ‘90s mixtapes. The whole thing straddles electro-pop, R&B/soul, and contemporary Tumblr-wave (that's a thing, right?) in the most satisfying way possible.

“Crawling South” has a bit of a nostalgic throughline, in a few senses. According to Beko, “Crawling South” was inspired by the untimely conclusion of a long-term relationship. “By expressing it through these lyrics, we were able to face these emotions head on and rid ourselves of the negative weight it can carry,” she told Complex. “Despair, frustration and loneliness is all part of life. We encourage everyone to savour these emotions because all it really means is that we are alive.”

The accompanying visual revolves around the idea of stowing away mementos and knick-knacks—all assorted relics of a lost relationship—that you can’t bear to part with. It’s something Beko refers to as a “break-up box.” “Choosing this theme was perfect for anyone to relate to it easily,” she explained. “Everyone kept souvenirs and memorabilia from an ex-lover in a box.” It’s an appropriate visual element, because listening to “Crawling South” mirrors that gut-wrenching feeling of blowing the dust off the top of that box, and digging into a trove of memories, good and bad, like some kind of wistful relationship archaeologist. If you’re in search of the perfect soundtrack for opening a bottle of wine and going through old emails, look no further. Let's officially coin this sound "reflectro."

Watch the Charlotte Ratel-directed video for “Crawling South” above, and if you like what you hear, pick up the single on iTunes, or stream it on Spotify/Apple Music. “Crawling South” will appear on a forthcoming debut EP by Heartstreets, which should arrive in Spring of 2016.

You can catch Heartstreets performing in Toronto with hometown crooners DCF and Sextape at Adelaide Music Hall on February 20th.

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