Mac Miller Was Worth Multiple Millions When He Passed

Mac Miller had quite a bit of wealth.

mac miller

Image via Getty/Jamie McCarthy

mac miller

The numbers involved at the top end of the music industry are always surprising. Even one-hit wonders can rake in millions of dollars on a single hit, and while that's less true in the age of streaming, the worth of certain people can still be staggering. Take, for example, Mac Miller. The late rapper didn't have much in the way of proper radio hits, he was more of a beloved rapper than a popular one, and still, he had millions when he passed. 

TMZ reports that the portion of Mac Miller's estate that is known in California was $4.48 million. That number comes from legal documents that assess Miller's bank accounts and stocks. The rapper reportedly had 200 shares in Facebook worth more than $32 thousand. 

The documents don't include real estate that the rapper might have owned in other states, nor does it include property like cars, memorabilia or art. There's a possibility that the $4 million figure is just the tip of the iceberg for the Blue Slide Park rapper's fortune.

Since Miller's passing from an overdose of cocaine and fentanyl, tributes both official and unofficial have cropped up around the country. Travis Scott, Chance the Rapper and others took part in a tribute concert for Mac while massive murals of the artist have appeared on both coasts

Miller's famous ex Ariana Grande has repeatedly paid tribute to Miller, including him in the single "Thank U, Next" and possibly on the new track "Ghostin.

Regardless of Miller's actual worth in dollars, it's clear that he left an indelible mark on plenty of people, something that voters will no doubt consider with his most recent album up for a Grammy.   

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