Jay-Z Invests In Climbing Machine Start-Up CLMBR, Shortly After Beyoncé Teamed Up With Peloton

Jay-Z announced an investment in the climbing machine startup CLMBR, shortly after Beyoncé announced a massive deal with stationary bike maker Peloton.

Jay Z

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Jay Z

Beyoncé and Jay-Z tend to extend their matrimony into their business dealings. Remember, Lemonade gave Jay's streaming platform Tidal a big boost when it was initially released there exclusively. Now, Jay-Z is following Bey into the high-end home fitness space, announcing a partnership with the climbing machine startup CLMBR shortly after Beyoncé inked a deal with Peloton

Jay-Z joined the startup alongside tennis star Novak Djokovic, investing in the operation ahead of the launch of two new machines that simulate climbing in home gyms. Similar to other luxury fitness brands, CLMBR machines come outfitted with screens to display instructor-led classes. Djokovic sang its praises in a press release announcing the partnership.

"Vertical climbing has been known to be an incredibly efficient total body workout without impact. In addition, it puts your body in a neutral spine alignment, which is important for me as an athlete," he said. "I'm excited to be part of this team and look forward to sharing this fun and powerful workout with the world."

CLMBR claims its  workouts are lower impact than rowing machines or bicycles and can be used by people who might have joint issues. Jay-Z and Djokovic are joined in this round of investors by YouTube co-founder Chad Hurley and the Carters' personal fitness consultant Marco Borges. 

The announcement comes after Beyoncé shared word of her deal with Peloton to build workouts around her Homecoming concert film. In addition to the themed workouts and stamp of approval from Bey, Peloton and Bey are offering HBCU students two full years of subscription workouts for free. 

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